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Family Getaway in Santa Fe

On a recent drive to California, we stopped in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We loved it so much that we turned it into an impromptu four-day vacation. I got a lot of questions from friends about the resort we stayed at, so I decided to write a post including all the details.

Apple Picking at Gabriel Farm

I put off writing this post because of the fires that were happening in the region. I am happy to report that this farm was not affected by the fires and is still open for u-pick. Persimmon and Guava season starts next weekend! Below are more photos and the details of our apple picking adventures at Gabriel Farms. 


Mama Time at Scribe Winery in Sonoma

Every mama needs some girl time now and then. A little time to unwind and not put someone else's needs ahead of her own. A little time to dress up and not have yogurt on her pants. Thanks to my good friend Danielle, I recently got the opportunity to have some mama time at Scribe Winery in Sonoma.