Updated Review of South Park in San Francisco

Updated Review of South Park in San Francisco


When we first moved to downtown San Francisco a year ago, we were looking for nearby parks and ran across South Park. The city had just finished renovating it and adding a new play structure. I found this place to be very cool and we have been visiting regularly ever since.

I wrote a blog post about it last July but am updating it here now that Atlas is a little older and we have visited many more times.

I still love that we can walk there from our apartment and stop at Blue Bottle coffee along the way. We also discovered a cafΓ©/store called Small Foods where we buy sandwiches and snacks to have picnics in the park. Both Blue Bottle and Small Foods are located on 2nd street right next to the park.

The park is oval shaped and sits in the center of S. Park Street. It is surrounded by homes and businesses. It is in the SOMA neighborhood and this particular area is cute and quiet. If you visit this park during lunch hour on a weekday you will see working people with their laptops enjoying the fresh air. If you go on the weekends the park is very quiet with only a handful of families visiting.


The park itself I not huge but it's interesting. It's not your average play structure. It seems to be both a work of art and a playground. The main attraction is a large metal and rope structure that kids can climb, slide on, crawl through and swing on. The structure sits on a squishy type of AstroTurf so it's safe for kids in case they fall.


Our favorite thing is still the swing but Atlas has now figured out the maze structures and the slide. He runs all around the park crawling in and out of the rope structure.


In addition to the main play area there are two grassy areas and plenty of seating along the side of the park. I usually bring snacks and sit on one of the benches or tables to eat before walking home.

The park is meant for kids of all ages. I see older kids getting creative and using the play structure in many ways.

The only thing I don't like is that it's not gated. Atlas does occasionally try to run into the street so I stay close to him when we come here.

All Photos taken by  Hamee Ha  and pizza outfit is by  Purl Lamb

All Photos taken by Hamee Ha and pizza outfit is by Purl Lamb

This park is definitely worth checking out. I would try a weekend morning so you can beat the crowds. Click here for a map and directions. Let me know what you guys think!

If you want to grab a bite to eat nearby try Small Foods or CafΓ© Centro.


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