Tips for Taking a Toddler to the Color Factory

Tips for Taking a Toddler to the Color Factory

This was opening week for the Color Factory and I was able to take Atlas on opening day. I was a bit nervous about how it would go since he is so young but it turned out to be fantastic!

The Color Factory is an art instillation in San Francisco. They are said to be temporary but we are all hoping they stick around a while. I'm not going to lie, it's a lot of work with a young toddler like Atlas but it's worth it. We had so much fun and saw so many new things. They don't let you take the stroller through the factory so I did a lot at carrying. Atlas is 30 pounds and wrestles with me when he doesn't want to be moved, so I was sweating! 

The Factory is set up as  series of rooms each with a color theme. The first is black and white where they serve charcoal lemonade then you go into an orange room that has orange objects all over the wall. (The orange room is one of the few rooms where you can't interact with the objects.) You go from room to room like this interacting with each exhibit.

There is a green room with a life size coloring book made of wall paper and the markers are about six feet tall. There is a yellow ball pit, a confetti room, a pink staircase and much more. My favorite rooms were the blue room, the confetti room, ribbon instillation and the yellow ball pit. These were the ones Atlas had the most fun in so naturally we stayed in them the longest.

The blue room had a large balloon installation in it and it felt like a blue cave. Some of the balloons were bigger than Atlas. I liked that they allowed you to touch the balloons because Atlas went right for them. You definitely want to make sure your kid doesn't pop them, but otherwise they can run through here freely.

vsco-photo-1 (4).jpg

The confetti room is a room with a teal wall and the floor are covered in colored confetti. They also slowly drop confetti from the ceiling throughout the day. We were throwing confetti all over the place and Atlas kept rolling in it. He played in there so much that even his diaper was full of the stuff. It is a great room for photos.


The last room is the large yellow room with the adult sized ball pit. There were a lot of people in the ball pit so it was a bit overwhelming but Atlas loved it. The pit is 3 feet deep so I had to hold onto Atlas in order not to loose him in the sea of yellow balls. He got to play in here for a while since it was the last stop before leaving. 

vsco-photo-1 (5).jpg

I have to tell you guys that there were definitely a few meltdowns during the trip. Mainly because he was having so much fun in each room he didn't want to leave it. So he would cry every time I took him out of one room but he got happy again seeing the new colors and exhibits in the next room. The biggest meltdown happened when I took him out of the ball pit. I'm sure he could have stayed in there all day, but I was hot and tired and it was time to go. Luckily, Garden Creamery was there to save the day serving little yellow vanilla and banana soft serve cones. This was enough to distract Atlas mid meltdown and make him happy again.

So if you can score some tickets I definitely recommend going. If you have a young child here are a few tips to make your experience more enjoyable:

  • Don't arrive too early because they don't let you in until the exact time of your ticket

  • Remember you can't take your stroller past registration so bring a backpack with wipes, water and a snack 

  • Wear shoes that you can easily take on and off for the ball pit

  • Wear light and comfy clothing because some rooms can get very warm

I hope you guys get to check this out! It is located 2 blocks from Union Square at 575 Sutter Street. They do not sell tickets at the door so check their website for availability


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