All in San Francisco

Mommy and Me Toast Date at The Mill

I had heard so much about San Francisco's $4.00 toast that I had to find out what the big deal was all about. I looked it up online first and found some critics stating that a toast restaurant was a crazy idea but to me it sounded perfect. I came across the website for the mill which says "We baked some bread and brewed some coffee for you." That's basically a perfect welcome from a close friend. So I decided to take Atlas and check them out. I love coffee and Atlas loves toast, perfect combo.

Summer in San Francisco

I was trying to describe summer in San Francisco to a friend and I realized it's easier to describe with photos. The photos for this post were taken on the same day from my living room to show how the fog comes in and out of the city. 

Croissant Dates at Le Marais Bakery

We found the cutest little bakery the other day in the Castro neighborhood. The charming baby blue exterior, big windows and black and white details at Le Marais Bakery immediately caught my attention.  Once we were inside we were convinced to stay by the dreamy lighting and the taste of the coffee and croissants.

Salsalito Taco Shop

We did a spontaneous little drive over the Golden Gate Bridge to beautiful Sausalito. It’s a great little getaway from the city and there are cute shops, restaurants and amazing views of SF.